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The Real Estate Commission
does not accept credit cards or cash. Checks and money orders are accepted.

Broker Renewal: The Colorado Division of Real Estate has adopted a new staggered renewal process. Beginning with the 2005 renewal period, your new license expiration date will be based on the date that you were originally issued your license. Unlike previous years when you were given a full three-year renewal, this year you are given a two year renewal plus however long it is until the day and month of your initial license date. You should not have to pay for a full three year renewal when you will have to renew again a few months and/or days before three years. Therefore, we have prorated the full renewal fee (the base rate) to reflect the number of days you are short of a full renewal period of three years. Your renewal period after this one will be for a complete three years.

A re-activation fee of $50 is required in addition to your reinstatement fee.


Broker Fees:
Broker Application $500.00
Broker Transfer/Upgrade/Activation $50.00
Temporary Broker Application $1000.00
Base Rate Renewal (subject to proration) $300.00
Corporate, Partnership, LLC Application $1000.00
Broker Examination Fee $71.00
Broker License Histories $15.00
Subdivision Fees:
Subdivision Application $4000.00
Subdivision Supplemental Application $1000.00
Subdivision Renewal (1 year) $302.00
Broker Reinstatement Fees:
Reinstate within 32 days to 1 year $450.00
Reinstate within 2 to 3 years $600.00
Renewal applications and Reinstatements can be mailed to:
1560 Broadway, Suite 925
Denver, CO 80202
(Make a notation of your license number
on your check.)
If your license was active, an application for re-activation must also be submitted with the $50 re-activation fee in addition to your reinstatement fee.
Go to this link for the appropriate application.
Your license will be reinstated for three years from the date the fee is received.
A period of expiration will be reflected
in your license history.